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Kangoo Jumps Benefits:

  • Cardiovascular Health & Energy
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Classes & Bootcamps
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Lympahtic System
  • Joint Protection
  • Weight Loss

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    Kangoo Jumps XR3se

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    All Black XR3se

    Pink/Silver XR3se

    Black/Silver XR3se

    All Black/Silver XR3se

    Black/Silver Grey XR3se

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    XR3/Pro Kit Model:

    All Black

    Black Pink

    White Pink

    All Black Silver

    Black Silver Grey

    Juniors Power Shoes:




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    Should you Go Pro 7?

    ANSWER "If you are injured, had surgery, a senior or have not been very active, you will most likely want any XR model, even if your weight is more than XR standards (see chart below). Those who are more athletic, stronger and plan on regular, heavy use (running) may want Pro model though your weight is below Pro standards (see chart below). Email or call for questions and I will help get it right! Darren Rieck; JumpBoots

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    more info... Pro7

    Choosing Your KJ's; model options & sizing

    3 models of Official Kangoo Jumps® allow all fitness levels & ages to participate in the growing rebound fitness movement that is being widely accepted from health professionals, doctors and researchers across the globe. The standard model is the XR3, the Pro is a heavier duty version and the Power Shoe is for kids/teens below 100 lbs. The Kangoo Jumps Boots XR3 and XR3se are the exact same engineering and design, the only difference in these rebounding shoes is the color options.

    Simply put, the Kangoo Jumps Boots are like having mini trampolines on your shoes that are not only fun to use, but suitable for all fitness levels. Rebound exercise, like kids jumping on a bed are easy to use, safe and beneficial to your health. The Kangoo Jumps take from 5-15 minutes to get used to for both beginners and advanced athletes alike. The original XR3 comes in Black with an Orange band or Black with a Yellow band where the XR3se comes in Black on Black or Black with a Pink Band. The Silver Edition of the Kangoo Jumps jumping boots come in XR3se Silver-White with a Pink band or Silver-White with a Black band.

    Kangoo Jumps XR3:This is the Original, Unisex model that is ideal for everyone to rebound exercise. Suitable for teens and pre-teens that can fit into adult shoes as well. Designed for those weighing 100 - up to 220 lbs; for Beginning Exercisers to the Very Fit. Those who are injured, had surgery, been inactive or are generally more "fitness timid" may be able to use XR3 at the heavier weight limits where those who are stronger and athletic minded may use Pro at lighter then minimum weight suggestions. Those who are heavier than 175lbs and where a Small or Medium size KJ and do NOT have injuries, pain, surgery or inactive, may want to choose Pro. XR3 in Small and Medium (L-shells) are the lightest resistance adult model. XR3 in Large and X-Large (H-shells) are more resistance adult model and the Pro (HX-shells) is the heavy duty model. Both XR3 and Pro models can be customized to make a perfect combination so that all parts are interchangeable and Pro parts can go on XR3 models and vice-versa. Even the PRO6 tspring (the most-resistive tspring) can be used on any model and so can the shells be interchanged and coil springs can also be used on XR3 (with modification of t-Spring) or Pro models.

    Any KJ model can be customized to adjust up in resistance or down with very little mechanical ability, tools or knowledge needed to do it yourself. You buy from JumpBoots and we will support your purchase. JumpBoots provides ongoing customer relations to provide you the necessary parts to adjust your KJs for your specific activities so you can fully enjoy the benefits of this amazing, customizable equipment.

    The latest generation of models provide additional Impact Protection, much more rebound and a “softer ride” compared to the former models. The KJXR3 can be upgraded to the KJ-PRO by adding optional coil springs and/or purchasing the Pro T-band. The KJ Pro7 model is the latest rebounder for heavy weights or extremly fit athletes that must weigh over 200lbs. This allows for all sizes of adults to use this version of the rebounding exercise shoe. Buy your KJXR online in the SecuredSHOPs™ or call us at 310-848-8685 to purchase or ask additional information.

    Features of the new "XR3" or the "XR3se" IPS (Impact Protection System) spring

    The revolutionary Tension Spring TS6 with:

  • 4 TwinTurbos (instead of 2) for increased comfort, rebound & stability
  • a double way safety system (SRS), in conjunction with the shell 6
  • 3 sets of holes which will allow you to customize your Kangoo Jumps by adding steel coil springs, to increase the resistance of your IPS and / or experience a different ride feeling! To add coil springs you will need to either cut the central band of your TS6 or the 2 external bands, to replace them with one or 2 sets of coil springs.

    The new KJ Shell 6 (arch shaped component) which offers:

  • the double way safety system SRS (in conjunction with TS6) with a locking position for extreme uses.
  • new design that provides more rebound and reduces the wear of the T-Spring
  • an increased product life span

    The new KJ Sole 6: more shock absorbing / silent, lighter weight, sleek design in gray color.

    Very comfortable hard shell boot:

  • Suits all foot shapes, even wide ones (fits in 95% of mail order sales)
  • Very durable, will last for years!
  • Strong, easy closing buckles
  • Removable liner which can be machine washed
  • Breathable, perforated sole
  • Patented support plate for best foot positioning

    Sizing & Fitting Instructions

    Kangoo Jumps are unisex. They are very comfortable and the sizes quite flexible, because the padding of the liner (inner shoe) adapts to the shape of your foot (even to a wide foot).

    Kangoo Jumps are marked in sizes Xtra Small, Small, Medium, Large or Xtra Large in the center back of the liner. When choosing your KJ rebounder boots, consider your athletic shoe full size when purchasing on our site. If you normally wear a shoe size 7 ½ for instance, order the size above, that is 8. As a rule, when in doubt, rather order a larger size, as you will still feel comfortable if your Kangoo Jumps size is up to 1 size larger than your usual athletic shoe size. Many people decide to take up any extra room in their KJs by purchasing thicker Hiking Socks at an outdoors store (REI, Big 5, others) or wear 2 pairs of athletic socks which may also add more padding (as long as they are NOT too tight by adding them!).

    In the worst case, should the ordered size not fit you, don't worry: we offer excellent customer service and will immediately fix the problem to your satisfaction. If there are any questions or if you experience any difficulties with your new Kangoo Jumps purchase or need UPS Ground tracking information, contact us right away by calling 310-848-8685 and also reply back to your original order sent to your email as this helps us to locate information more quickly.

    Remember, Have Fun Jumping into Fitness with your new Kangoo Jumps Boots, an excellent rebounding exercise that is like having mini trampolines on your shoes!

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